Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Like the day, start your questions right

Are my thoughts and actions a reflection of my own cultural frame of reference?

The answer: Simply yes or no. There, that was easy. Moving on.

Are you satisfied with the answer? Does it offer true enquiry, or just tick the box of self assessment without doing any actual work. Try this:

How are my thoughts and actions a reflection of my own cultural frame of reference.

Ahh, now we’re getting somewhere. We can elaborate and reflect on the true essence of the question, one that asks us to explore our reactions to settings or circumstances that are foreign to us. It’s a little extra work, but the return on investment is exponential.



A Rolling Stone Gathers Moss


One benefit of travel, either for work or pleasure is that parts of your experiences will stick to you, never to be forgotten. The layers will build into a rich tapestry of knowledge and understanding.

Let the moss grow on you. It will soften any stoney exterior. The more you roll, the more you will absorb.


All that’s in front of you


Learning has never been more accessible. The questioning that arises from it has never been  more imperative. False triggers play to your prejudices. It’s natural to have them, but be strong enough to challenge them.

This skill is vital to being a leader or manager in a global setting.

Be the detective


“I see no more than you. The difference is I have trained myself to understand what I see”

The trick to dealing with the initial fear we encounter when we see, hear or experience events that challenge us, is the constantly be curious about what’s at play. Leave the fear to run it’s course, and you shut yourself off from any learning at all

Walking in is half the work

pexels-photo-573565.jpegLike me, you may have delivered hundreds of programs in support of families and individuals embarking on international assignments. All walks of life, all situations. All excited, many apprehensive.

There is no way to know what to expect. This should be one part that still excites you about the work. It comes with trepidation of course. You will never know what to expect. Will this be the time you can’t deliver the very best you have?

Knock boldly. Announce confidently. These people need more than ever to see strength in your support of them. Don’t let them down.