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Be the detective


“I see no more than you. The difference is I have trained myself to understand what I see”

The trick to dealing with the initial fear we encounter when we see, hear or experience events that challenge us, is the constantly be curious about what’s at play. Leave the fear to run it’s course, and you shut yourself off from any learning at all


It’s been a while….

I have been bust with many things over the past few months, not the least with the launch of the Down Under and Beyond podcast. I am very happy with the results of the first 9 episodes. Over these first installments I have felt my way through, just trying to find my groove and set a firm direction. I actually think that it will continue to be a work in progress as find new and better ways to present the content. The content itself is evolving as I find new people and stories that inspire.

I continue to contemplate more focus on learning and applying my cross cultural skills. With every client I come away with a new perspective, however small it may be. I know that I am always the one that is facilitating each session, but I try to communicate to the participants that they also provide me with additional learning as I listen to their stories, their fears and hopes for the new adventures they are undertaking in their new life as an expat.


It’s my birthday and I’ll be powerful if I want to…

That’s right folks, Father Time marches on and as I celebrate another wonderful year on this great earth I have so much to be thankful for. I also really enjoy the Autumn/Fall season and the crisp coolness that comes with it. We have achieved so much this year in terms of our home and family life, much attributed to the fact that we have been able to clear a bunch of old stuff that was haunting our existence and holding us back from really moving forward. Taking control is really a freeing experience.

We had a fantastic day together yesterday as a family. Emily really is wanting all the leaves to hurry up and fall, but she is making the most of what is there already. We redid our front garden to make way for some new light through the windows and it really has opened things up. All topped off with good old fashioned roast chicken dinner.Image

I am also committing myself to a healthier lifestyle as well. I greeted the day at around 5:15 and have managed to get so much done. Sat and shared a cuppa and a chat with Marta before she headed out at about 6:30.  At around 8 I headed up and roused our little Emily out of a snuggly slumber and get her ready for day care. She is such a morning kid!

Anyway, bless you all and I hope you have a wonderful day too. I am off to research some podcast gear ahead of that whole project. Have I mentioned I am looking forward to it all?


A little more about the podcast thing….

I just need to get this done. I have spent this week on a fairly extended road trip which provided me with endless hours of time to search for and listen to some new podcasts. Wow… it might not have been the best idea. My head is so full of possibilities for what I can passionately share and engage with the big world out there. I feel I have to get going now, because if I don’t who knows what might happen. I feel an urgency that I cannot explain, but in a good way. I can’t help thinking if I can get this build up out there, then it will produce more and more possibilities. I am not even going to wait until I gather all the right gear. In fact the progression into a better quality audio production could be a point of interest for the listeners in and of itself. 

Just time to get going…


Podcast in the works

Yes it has been a while since I have posted here, but it is about to be a far more regular thing for me. Mainly because it will be tied to the learning, and development of, a series of of Podcasts that I am in the throws of producing. I say series because there are in fact a number of topics that I am passionate about and would like to create great valuable content around. They will become evident as I begin to roll them out. First things first of course. Gathering the equipment is of course a must, as well as the general application of how to get the episodes out to my audience. For this I have discovered a goldmine of information, as well as a great avenue to learn. Cliff Ravenscraft of is fast becoming my “Swami”. In addition to the nuts and bolts I am looking for, he provides great inspiration and delivers his message with the a passion I can identify with. You will hear me refer to him a lot in the future I am sure.Image

Partying like it’s already 2013, because it is

It’s always great to watch my home town put on a show. I am very proud of being able to claim this beautiful city as my birthplace. I love it’s life and it’s people.

eats shoots 'n leaves

Scenes from euronews of the pyrotechnics greeting the new year in  Aukland and Sydney.

UPDATE: From RT, an extended clip of the Sydney spectacular. Those Aussies really know how to do fireworks [pop up to full screen for maximum gonzo].

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Capturing tradition in a child

Emily & DilonIntroducing Emily Grace. My second born. Just turned three. Strong and determined, spirited and joyful. Already an accomplished goal setter, and the physical and emotional image of her beautiful Mama.

From the moment we found out Emily was coming along, I have been determined that she will always know her heritage (all be they multiple). On the Polish side, this comes with the inevitable rite of passage of involvement in some form of traditional dancing group.

Just a quick aside here to describe the group itself. A long existing “club” I guess you might say. It has had pass through it a multitude of Chicago children born to parents with mostly recent Polish ancestry, if not born there themselves. It is governed by an iron handed “den mother”, that possesses a complete lack of awareness that these parents may have anything at all to do outside of offering their beloved spawn up for sacrifice to the alter of her world. She controls it all. And must be obeyed. It is here I struggle to do what I advise in my cultural work, that is to suspend my expectations of how I would like to see things run. This past weeks photo session is a classic example of this. We summarily decked our little mites out in the traditional costumes, complete with full facial makeup… lippy and the whole nine yards. Ever tried that on a three year old? The Polish have a wonderful ability to operate in a setting of complete chaos, with no respect for time frames, including punctuality. Just when you think the everyone is on the same page, it just as quickly falls apart.

Emily & Ciocia at dancingYou can see some of this taking root in our little Emily’s urgency in having her skirt tied. There just can not be a delay, until you’re all ready of course! Happliy though, I must report a great swell of pride in seeing our beautiful little girl come to life in her dancing. Being a full year younger than most others in her class has forced her to “grow up” quick. The coordination required of this precious little brain to process dance moves along with singing in Polish is a source of amazement to me. Oh yes, and also have time for more than a little mischief!

Fun times ahead.

That moment of leaving…

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I have spent any time at all in a place while I am travelling, I get this strange, almost whimsical feeling just before I am about to leave. I find myself in a quiet mood and think about what I have just experienced and what if any effect it has had on me. Have I learned anything, what do I particularly want to remember, what do I want to repeat, or for that matter not repeat if I get to return? What if I never get to return?What then. Have I done enough to be content with the experience?

I guess as an expatriate, there was also the day I left Australia to live overseas. I certainly remember thinking of it then as just as an extended holiday. Would I have felt differently if I had known that 12 years later that I would still be “away”.

There is in every leaving some degree of something left behind, and for some I can see how that something, however intangible, can be hard to let go of. If it is your home you are leaving, then it may also be the longing to have it stay the same, so that when you return, it will be like a warm blanket of security you can always rely on. Rarely, however, is this the case. The knowledge of this fact may also produce anxiety.

So there then becomes a struggle between the feeling of leaving, and the anticipation of “arriving” at your new destination. I would argue that one side is not exclusive of the other. They both come with positive and negative emotions.


The iconic and imposing Sukiennice (Draper’s Hall) in Krakow’s main square.

Of course, meeting and marrying a native of Poland was always going to bring me to this country. From my very first trip there it has captivated me through it’s architecture, culture, traditions and (at times troubled) history. From my Australian orientated lens, it has at times been mind boggling to wrap my brain around the long timeline of events that have shaped this land and its people. Early on I committed myself to learning to speak the language (OK even if my first motivations were to impress a girl!) I searched and found books on the country. From coffee table picture books through to novels such as “Poland” by James A. Michener. I sat inquisitively in the presence of my wife’s family and friends, eager to learn how they thought and acted in their daily lives. This was no more valuable when it was with her parents. Both old enough to remember the very darkest of days, when much of their time was devoted with simply trying to stay alive. But they always expressed joy and thankfulness for what they had.Many observe the people of Poland from the outside and consider them a little cold and unfriendly. In the world of cross cultural training, this is analogous to the coconut. The somewhat hard exterior, once cracked, exposes a warmth and generosity that is genuine and heartfelt.

So there will be more on this subject in the future, but for now, I can only say that you should if you are fortunate enough to travel, take time to at least add a short visit to some part of Poland and just see what I mean. I can recommend many places, some on the usual tourist trek, others not so mainstream, that will leave you with a lasting impression of this beautiful country.

Friday Global Giving: I Need a (Volunteer) Vacation

I reckon this is a great example of how you can engage in a cpouple of different passions. Travel, volunteering, international study and indeed serving those in need. What’s your thoughts?

Global From Home

I’ve always been told that when I give back, I have three resources I can share: time, talents, and treasure. While it’s great to support organizations and ministries through donations, there is nothing more influential than actually digging in with your own two hands and helping a worthy cause. If you search blogs, you’ll find a number of people who have given up time from work to serve in a community at home or abroad. Some of my favorites include:

  • Partners for Peace – a husband and wife duo serving with the Peace Corps in Ecuador
  • Soulshine Traveler – a woman who left her job to volunteer in Latin America and Russia for the past year
  • Clearing Customs – a recently returned missionary figuring out the transition back into American life

Unlike these great bloggers, unfortunately I am not in a place in life where I can go abroad for…

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